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If only I could make it
To a place where forsaken’s not a maiden or a mat idée
(when isn’t it though)
Ready to play the host where I dine
On my lines of life in which my eyes perceive
(then let your jaws show)
I be happy supplied the world with food for thought
Mission a national fee
But Now I have risen from that dream
Faced up blatant with the statements
I envision in the scenes
Robbers of the raw
And the innocent’s defeat
Province of the poor, underprivileged, and the
Seek only what brings acceptance a the tidings in my findings
(or get eat)
Now hear me sing
If resting where you find me
Understand my offering
Takes my last breaths on the alter, spare me please
No one here, solitude’s the conclude
In the city of the written
My reflection sees me through
It’s a pity, didn’t listen now they
su** in sour mood
Presumed to walk another tune, puckered all the poets motionless
Though they moving down the path where pigs are roasting
A feast for the fable coming from the frau speak it
Cause I seen it
In the natural cause of conflict
Where blinders got me
Reaching for the chainsaw
Freedom from the feint’s
Crumble but was stood tall
So see its not a paper chase
I know that paper flakes beside a fires blaze
My bridge is on another plane buried by the bush underneath the lily cactus
Unearthed with every practice
Only like minds can catch it
Not many at my heels but any if they will
I move on em pas*ioned
If its she who you after

I ain’t a blast from the past
I’m what’s smashing in the future
Hold back nothing
Long time coming

How they gonna show me to the gallows
Like they could do the dent of my death
Know my throw and resolve by the steps
Why I oughta truth you all cold
Hard like attacked hearts fold
Under the very mud that they pump
You trapped sold or semi-precious lump…
Left to slack and shrivel in the thump of chests against beds…
Wall against heads
Like a fist on a thread
This ain’t gonna work
Or is it
When dredgeddeded from the darkest inches of what your pit did
You’d writ with an isn’t where your oughta shoulda wroughta
Less selfish of shells coulda daughtered but welled
Deadbent and attempting to only heart it in hell
Hey yo L, what did the star say to the black when it fell
Hold back nothing long time coming…

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Long Time Coming
Cheap Trick