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Another voice inside the haze
Some kind of slumber on my face
Am I awake or in a sleep
A shiver’s rising from the deep
The visions haunt me in my dreams
Must be more evil than it seems
Withstand the fall of endless dark
Mighty immortal dragonheart

Years gone by since evil’s fall
Glory days since freedom’s call
Peace and joy throughout the land
Heaven seems to be unbent

Savage dreams roam in my head
Dreams of pride that turn the battlefiel to red
Can we stand the test of time
Or will we fall from grace divine

Demons ride from behind, rising from the ashes
But tonight we just follow the sign
Tonight – when the meaning is right, right, right

I believe that I will always be free and I see
The voices calling to me, into the fire we ride
And immortal is my dragonheart
Hope someday we live in freedom again and our land
We will forever defend, high on a wire we ride
‘cause immortal is my dragonheart

Banished from eternity
Cover your face endlessly
Can’t deny the hand of fate
That turns the wheel of this never-ending hate

A heart that’s born without false pride
Keeps on burning side by side
Endless it will roam the sky
Belive me you can’t kill what doesn’t die



Now I can see you, the one of iron heart
Freedom to me and my soul
To be strong once again

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