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Hundred Days by Crystallion

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It's the end we've lost it all
There's no chance for us to break these walls
On this battleground we fall
Plancenoit lost our foes are standing tall
We will never get out of this war alive - no surrender
They will never get out of this war alive
No more soldiers left to fall
Bravest men followed the nation's call
What I did I did for France
I have failed there is no second
I will never make it to the new world's shores - I surrender
Captain lay me in chains I will flee no more
Send him off to the shores of the island afar
For those who have died
100 days of his tyranny come to an end
There's nowhere to hide
Rise up, we have beaten the French
A time of peace has just begun
Gone to the end of the world
Seems we've reached the end of it... all
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