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Preach With An Iron Tongue by Crystallion

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Now the sun is sinking slowly
Away's the light
14.000 dead, no one survived?
All is lost, our troops defeated
I can't run and hide
Here I am, a prisoner in decay
But for all time I'll be your son
Let me preach with an iron tongue
Oh Lord can't you see
Your knights beheaded by the Saracen
What a shameful deed
And in my dreams
There is no pain
Soon the day will come to take revenge
To bring back the fields once won
Let me preach with an iron tongue
My call to arms arises slowly
Heeded throughout the land
To praise the Lord, the one and only
We hold HIS crown in hand
Over the sea on ships so strong
Another holy war
Jerusalem we'll bring you back to
To where you once belonged
The shore is near, Acre in sight
The fortress will not hold
A noble knight, I save your life
The ransom paid in gold
Their cities fall one by one
Back into Christian hand
By the fields of Arsuf we've won
Leaving thousands dead
For now we must retreat, our forces failed
I don't know what went wrong
The "Lionheart" is too strong
Will this war never end
Kingdom of the brave, far beyond the sea
Men from England, Spain and France
Take the cross,
deliverance for the
Master, not the slave, kings we'll always be
Seek redemption for your sins
And the realm of glory just begins
I tried to take revenge
The fields are littered with blood and stench
Jaffa, Acre, men and land
I wrest from the Sultan's hand
For the sake of heaven's light
Many fought and many died
If I can't reach Jerusalem
I'll turn away my eyes again
My hail goes out to the strong and the bright
The Templars, the Hospitalers, the Teutonic Knights
Without whom everything is lost and undone
The soldiers of Christ preaching with an iron tongue
The King's crusade, at last a failure
So many brave men died
We sought revenge for the fields of Hattin
To leave the pain behind
I finalized for now a treaty
To make the peace a fact
And Saladin my noble enemy
Has launched his last attack
And now the war is over, the "Lionheart" tamed
Jerusalem we hold
Under Muslim control
But they will come again
All you Christian knights and soldiers
Who came from magic light
To lead you into battle
Has filled my heart with pride
HIS kingdom now awaits us
The angels choir sings
Hattin, it has shown us
What blinded hate can bring
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