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The final revelation by Crystallion

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Michael: In the deep of the shadows, when the night begins to fall
Luzifer: In the darkness of this world I grow stronger than you all
Michael: It’s the dawn of a new age, we’re the guardians of the light
Luzifer: By the wheel of destiny who is wrong and who is right, who will be right

Michael: Evil or divine I feel the force
Fate lies in our hands when we are

Both: Going down
Luzifer: I´m the one that needs your heart
Michael: Here I am, the fallen one into the fire
Both: Burn with me
Michael: Lost forever’s what you are
Luzifer: I can see a veil of malice and pride in us all

Michael: There is pain in my heart
It’s the final revelation that will tear the world apart
And the day soon will come
When the fate of us all will reveal what we´ve done
Luzifer: Take these chains off, I never believe
Roam the nightly spheres just like a thief, just like a thief

Luzifer: Do you know why I hate you, why I hate you and your lies
“Redemption” is the word you spoke, there is freedom in your eyes
Michael: At the end you will follow, there’s a better way to go
If you choose the path of steel it’s damnation for your soul


Luzifer: I see the sky is falling
Demons, wolves and shadows crawling
The age of innocence is lost beneath my wings
Michael: Still crying tears of sorrow
Deep inside there’s now tomorrow
I fear the future and the sadness that it brings


Luzifer: Rising up from the ground
I will spit upon your cross and I will turn it upside down
Now the whole world is mine
Feed my hunger on the sins and on the hatred of this time
Michael: Every minute a child in disguise
Turns away from the fire in your eyes, the fire in your eyes

Ride with the wind, hymns of freedom we sing
And the dawn has revealed a new day
Now we belong, like a phoenix so strong
To the fire that burns us away
Here for all time, I will stand on the line
I have sworn words of power and steel
Born in the flame, blood of vengeance my name
By the trial of truth you will kneel
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