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In the distance far away there is my love
I could break these walls, my heart is strong enough
No, we cannot go, they wait for us to come
To storm the open fields below the desert sun
Tiberias is under the siege
We are lost and need to fly
We're under siege
To rise up to the sky
We're under siege
Are we strong enough to die
For revolution
Let them hear our battle cry
We're under siege
Cry out, it's burning like a flame in the night
All you soldiers of the magical light
Obey my call we're getting ready to fight
March on, and follow me
through fire and pain
We're outnumbered but we fight in HIS name
To free our city from the unholy reign
The fever of vengeance is burning my eyes
Beware of the count don't believe in his lies
"The besieged fortress of Tiberias fell the same day and Guy, despite Raymonds argument that this was just what Saladin wanted, decided to move his troops out of Sephoria on July 3rd to face Saladin at Tiberias
While Raymond had argued against this move, Gerard of Ridgeford and others had encouraged Guy to attack immediately
Thus, the battle began..."
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