Emmylou Harris Lyrics

Crescent City by Emmylou Harris

[Verse 1]
Everybody's had a few
Now they're talking about who knows who
I'm going back to the Crescent City
Where everything's still the same
This town has said what it has to say
Now I'm after that back highway
And the longest bridge
I've ever crossed over Pontchartrain

Tu le ton temps that's what we say
We used to dance the night away
Me and my sister me and my brother
We used to walk down by the river

[Verse 2]
Mama lives in Mandeville
I can hardly wait until
I can hear my Zydeco
And laissez le bon ton roulet
And take rides in open cars
My brother knows where the best bars are
Let's see how these blues'll do
In the town where the good times stay


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