Emmylou Harris Lyrics

In My Dreams by Emmylou Harris

[Verse 1]
When the sun goes down on the other side of town tonight
And the world is asleep dreaming in the deep moonlight
I'll slip away in the shadows out of your life
You don't want' me any-more so I'll close the door when I leave
My bags are packed and I'll give you back your keys
You keep your ring and I'll keep your memory

But in my dreams at night, oh oh
Everything will work out right
Because I'll still hold you tight, in my dreams

[verse 2]
Well, it's hard to take when love breaks down and dies
But it's better to quit than to sit each night and cry
I'd rather know the truth than to live through a life of lies


[Verse 3]
Maybe it's for the best to give this love of ours a rest
But I'll come running back if you want me
Well, bye bye baby it seems that we're all through
You sure know how to make this little girl blue
When you say you don't want the things, I can do for you


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