Emmylou Harris Lyrics

Le Danse de la Joie by Emmylou Harris

Paint me on that lipstick smile
Dance around the house in style
Wiggle 'n' wag those pretty legs
Come on gal, don't make me beg
Go on and get your lampshade on
Rattle that old bag of bones
Cut you a rug all which a way
Mon cher ami, bons temps rouler
Bons temps rouler, mon cher ami
C'est moi et toi toujours en vie
Is anything in life more sweet
Then you and me and four left feet

Oh mama, oh papa
La danse de joie
Papa, mama
The night is young, the stars are strung
La danse de joie
Mama, papa

Every now and then the blues
Run off with my dancing shoes
The only the thing that'll bring em back
Is right there in your flour sack
Hand me down my rolling pin
Give me that old po' boy grin
I'll pat out some biscuit dough
Tu e moi la fais do do
Tu e moi la fais do do
Je vais metre sur Fats Domino
La danse de joie c'est tout le plus
Ain't no one home but me and you

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