Emmylou Harris Lyrics

New Orleans by Emmylou Harris

[Verse 1:]
My Lord how the rains came down
The waters made a mighty sound
When the levees broke that day
Washin' all those souls away

The whole world stood to watch us drown
But we took it to a higher ground

[Verse 2:]
It takes more than a hurricane
To empty out the Pontchartrain
Long ago we broke the chains
In New Orleans New Orleans
When Brother Bill and Sister Nell
Are singing like a ringing bell
Then you'll know all is well
In New Orleans New Orleans
Bring it all, fire and flood
Fill the rivers up with mud
To cut and run ain't in our blood
We are New Orleans
So baby let the life roll on
The blues were made to make us strong
We're walkin' in a brighter day
Nothin' can get in our way


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