Emmylou Harris Lyrics

Time in Babylon by Emmylou Harris

[Verse 1:]
Five-lane highway danger zone
SUV and a speaker phone
You need that chrome to get you home
Doin' time in Babylon
Cluster mansion on the hill
Another day in Pleasantville
You don't like it take a pill
Doin' time in Babyion
In the land of the proud and free
You can sell your soul and your dignity
For fifteen minutes on TV
Doin' time in Babyion
So su** the fat, cut the bone
Fill it up with silicone
Everybody must get cloned
Doin' time in Babyion

Little Boy Blue come blow your horn
The crows are in the corn
The morning sky is red and falling down
The piper's at the till
He's coming for the kill
Luring all our children underground in Babyion

[Verse 2:]
We came frorn apple pie and mom
Thru Civil Rights and Ban the Bomb
To Watergate and Vietnam Hard times in Babyion
Rallied 'round the megaphone
Gave it up, just got stoned
Now it's Prada, Gucci and Perron
Doin' time in Babyion
Get results, get 'em fast
We're ready if you got the ca**
Someone else will be laughin' last
Doin' time in Babyion
So put that conscience on the shelf
Keep the best stuff for yourself
Let the rest fight over what is left
Doin' time in Babyion


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