Emmylou Harris Lyrics

Wheels of Love by Emmylou Harris

[Verse 1]
The wheels of love turn around and around
Keep on rolling until you've found
The perfect partner, somebody just right
To have and hold every day and every night
So, she's halfway to Texas with all of your dreams
The world ain't as bad as what it might seem
You got a whole lot of living, honey, left to do
There's still a whole lot of love inside of you

The wheels of love turn around and around
They'll take you for a ride like a merry-go-round
Don't let the heartache hold you down
When there's plenty of love left to be found
On the wheels, riding on the wheels of love

[Verse 2]
Catch you a ride, imagine what you might find
Just the right girl at just the right time
Ready and waiting, she'll look you in the eyes
Ah, but the wheels of love will never compromise
So, she broke your heart, honey, don't look back
You got to keep on rolling down the track
And maybe the next time you'll keep your feet on the ground
When the wheels of love spin you around


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