Emmylou Harris Lyrics

White Line by Emmylou Harris

[Verse 1]
It seems like I was there from the start
A witness to your wild and reckless heart
You showed me the way but now you're gone
Quicker than the trigger of an outlaw's gun
Living fast and dying young
A victim of this road you left me on

White line took my baby
Led him down that dark highway
Headlight blind, driving crazy
If my wheels keep turning
Gonna roll that white line away

[Verse 2]
We worked the road as hard as we could drive her
But now I am the only survivor
From night to night at every place I play in
The sweetness of your song remains
I'll be the keeper of the flame
Until every soul hears what your heart was saying


All the nights you spent alone
All the love I'd never shown
All the words I could not say
Till that white line took you away
White line took you away

[Verse 3]
I'll follow this white line down where it's winding
Because somewhere up ahead your light's still shining
The sound of the silver strings will guide me
I've stood and watched the bridges burn
I'm past the point of no return
Oh, how I wish that you were here beside me


White line took my baby
Led him down

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