Emmylou Harris Lyrics

Woman Walk The Line by Emmylou Harris

[Verse 1:]
Don't bother sitting at my table
Just because I'm on my own
Yes, I'm a woman and I'm lonely
But that don't mean I can't be strong
Once again he's not beside me
And tonight he won't be coming home
So I just need a place to miss my baby
When he goes out to do me wrong

Tonight I want to do some drinking
I came to listen to the band
Yes, I'm as good as what you're thinking
But I don't want hold your hand
And I know I'm looking lonely
But there's nothing here I wanna find
It's just the way of a woman
When she goes out to walk the line

[Verse 2:]
Every night's a little longer
Than the one that came before
But when I hear them sing a sad song
I know just what I'm crying for
I don't want to stay home waiting
Don't have to wonder where he's been
He'll be someone else's baby
Before he's in my arms again


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