Nightw**ch by Go It Alone

Go It Alone Lyrics

I'm holding on to a hope that's flickering out, to a dream that's fading faster that the dying light tonight. A dream of walking away from everything I know, of becoming just someone you used to know. See, I don't want to be just another dead end kid, shuffling through the monotony of life. And I can't let my pas*ions be eroded by the tide of a lifetime of these nights. It's getting dark and the street lights are coming on. These listless nights can swallow you whole. Tonight I'm wandering the streets and humming old songs, and I know I've been playing these rain city games for way too long. I don't want to be just another dead end kid, an empty shell burnt out and boarded up. And while it hurts so bad so bad to say goodbye to you, to us, I can't stay here collecting dust. I can tell by the tears in your eyes that I'm losing everything, we're losing everything. Please don't make this any harder on the both of us, just let me go. I have to live my life. I have to live. But tonight I'm watching the clouds roll in. It's going to rain

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