Water Finds It's Own Level by Go It Alone

Go It Alone Lyrics

We were never right, we could never fit, we would alway stick out just a little bit. We could never be safe because all that we knew was the space that was left behind. A space so empty, so deviod of hope that there are certain things you turn to to help you cope. A barren wasteland of lies where it only takes time to eat away at a poor kid's mind. I was left to choose my friends and I chose the wrong ones, but I love the wrong ones. Only a few made it out, only a few tried to survive. All the rest just turned off and died. A mas* of potential that could have blossomed if this place wasn't so hostile towards us. Towards us, towards my friends, towards the people I love. Towards the kids who could never quite push hard enough. Towards the ones that survived, towards the kids who still try. Towards the children predestined to shut down and die

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