Gov't Mule Lyrics

Gordon James by Gov't Mule

Hey Gordon James
Why’d your momma give you two last names
Did she have expectations for you
Did you let her down like we knew you would do

Gordon James,I know we’re all subject to change
But you were way too young to lose your soul
They say you traded it away
Did you think you could just buy it back someday

Gordon James
Were you too busy ducking the blame
To realize that it’s you we now fear
Maybe someday soon it will all be so clear

Were you lonely, yeah we were all lonely
Were you scared, yeah well I’m scared too
Did your dreams turn black or
Did you sleep like a child
Did your heroes die off , leave you alone in the wild
Or is this just the path that you choose

Were you blinded, yeah we were all blinded
The trick is, they say, to heal yourself
Did you just let go of the reigns one day
Let the ocean’s current wash you away
Were you all alone when you fell

Gordon James
Did your momma die from the shame
Was she trying to pull you back into the light
But you were way too far gone to save
Do you even visit her grave

Gordon James
Do you think it’s too late to change
To make up for the lives that you bought and sold
And the war machines that you traded for gold
Could this be the day that you pray
Do you think it really matters anyway

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