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Drive two hundred miles
To place I've never seen
One more bar, back to the car
And I'm gone before I even know where I've been, yeah

Now I don't know where you come from
I'll probably never see your face again
It really don't matter what your name is
But it's so nice to make another friend

But I don't know where you've been
And I don't know who you've had in
But I know you've got exactly what I need
It don't mean too much to me
What you do or who you see
I'll be leavin' here at three
So love me tonight

Well I've been gone a long time
I really haven't been
any place at all
Two more days the same old way
Well it really doesn't matter at all, no

But you could make the difference
In the way I feel today
We'll have some fun, but I gotta run
If I'm gonna live, I gotta play


Love me tonight, don't talk about tomorrow
Love me tonight, don't feed me any sorrow
One night's all we got and then I'm gone, yeah
Love me tonight, don't ever try to stop it
Love me tonight, I'll be gone before you know it
Maybe I'll be back before too long
(Repeat again after a break)


I believe in you and me
So love me tonight

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