Honey C Lyrics

Hella Illy by Honey C

[Verse 1]
I be too ill n***a
In the field give a f**k how you feel n***a
Young honey that's a real spitter
b*t*h run know she done when the wheels get her, uh
Steel triggers, my bill's bigger
If you see me with a b*t*h then I kill with her
And I cut off all them fake hoes they still bitter
So I'm takin' all their money ?I'm a bill quitter?
Hell, speed up
n***a re-up then we reload
You wouldn't understand cause you ain't grow up on the east coast
Can't shake no hand I'm tryna keep close, I keep close
You with the little banked broke hoes on sleep mode
I ain't waitin' on the sun to get up
I ain't watin' like a fool for the sun to get up
With some b*t*hes who won't hesitate to gun up the truck
And get to bangin' on the necks then put one in the gut
Now throw it up

Gon' give it to the sky tuck ya hella millis
Neck froze wrist rose n***a hella chilly
I can tell that you fake cause I'm hella really
If I'm ridin' with a b*t*h know she hella illy (x5)
Hella illy, Hella hella illy uh
Hella illy, Hella hella illy uh
If I'm ridin' with a b*t*h know she hella illy
If I'm ridin' with a b*t*h then she hella illy
[Verse 2]
I drank all night and I'm still buzzin'
Now my ex tryna call me like we still f**kin'
People tellin' me my old sh*t's still bumpin'
So at a show what he done and he still jumpin'
Illy, I'm really ill
If I say a b*t*h realy, I really will
I ain't never murdered no one but I really kill
Test me and Imma show I'm made of really steel
Don't get too smart
Rich b*t*h I was raised with a true heart
b*t*hes talkin' but the story always two parts
They can't tell whats on my mind cause it's too dark
You ain't even got time my shooters too sharp
You ain't ballin' you a club in the cubicle
I'm 'bout money I ain't tryna be beautiful
I f**kin' smell like money on my cuticles
I told my b*t*hes play this sh*t at my funeral, ho


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