Honey C Lyrics

Sound Right by Honey C

[Verse 1:]
Got too much pride
No choice but [?] and arise
So grind like 365
This rap sh*t is why I’m alive
Put the lies and the games to the side
Gotta fight at the end to survive
It’s a goddamn shame we all die
Stay flossing and ain’t even try
I got one shot and one only
I can’t wait for none of you rookies
Won’t even f**king deny it
b*t*h I ate all of the cookies
I ain’t falling like Snookie
You’re my stake come and try buck me
Girls hating on me them pu**y
Now you ain’t balling you should be
You can learn something if you shut the f**k up
Kept me moving nothing you get cut the f**k up
Don’t step inside so I know all this stuck the f**k up
Put your trust in b*t*hes you get set the f**k up
And I ain’t ever going sideways
All this money mine it ain’t no five ways
I just hit the islands for like five days
I was with the hustle gotta find ways
So I say
If you flex yea sound right
Wrecking in them checks yea sound right
Get it faded up best yea [?] right
Telling me I’m next so we down right
You sound right
Kill like 40 shots you sound right
Scream the f**k that cuts you sound right
b*t*h I done took the loss and found like
The name I sell for [?] you sound right
You sound right

[Verse 2:]
Let a word that sound right
Right things just sound tight
I count once and I count twice
Make sure the thing sh*t down right
At a town like
Some friends died and we found like
Tell me what it sound like
Whenever they sound right
Game is a down white
Cause these hoes sticking like a round dice
Honey may sound nice
Check score my f**ker hold down the hype
Just pas* me the keys
Take a long drive while we blasting them beats
Cause that same week
No lie you’ll get your fancy [?]
If you rule these streets
No fancier fool you believe
Ain’t you low on the heat
Hard entertainment is bold [?] sleep
I ain’t got no time
Gotta get my cheese I gotta get mine
They try this weed and trynna do time
Imma get my piece and Imma do time
Some people got no dreams
Me I always knew mine
No matter what I’m gonna grind
I’m gonna cut through running over those [?]

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