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Famous Last Words by In Dying Arms

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Why dont you shut your fu**ing face. shit
As i hold you from your tongue
Every word you fu**ing spit thats shat out from your lungs
Was fu**ing wasted
You told me all this shit. now i feel so stupid that i wish you dont exist
Wish fu**ing granted. fu** your face
Its only just begun. my heart is throbbing as i do this just for fun. with a smile on my
What will we ever be. no one will ever see
What will we ever be
When will we be the same?
With our bodies, buried.. six feet
I will never give up, when will you say enough?
Will we ever be the same?
I wish you dont exist, you took this for granted
The same, the same
I will never give up today
Youre not the same, the same
Why dont you shut your fu**ing face
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Famous Last Words
In Dying Arms