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I Think Of You by Jeremih

[Intro: Chris Brown]
Ooh, ooh
Ooh, ooh

[Verse 1: Jeremih & Chris Brown]
I gave you the best that you ever had (ooh)
Gave you one dose and got you addicted
I could own that, all night and all day (ooh)
Say you on my plate, girl, you so delicious
Last night we had a good time gettin' faded (ooh)
Wake up in the morn', you was gone
It been on my brain all day replayin' (ooh)
Like we had it on record
I miss every minute (ooh)
I take plenty chances
My love for you is bigger than a mansion (ooh)
More than you imagine
I want all of them kisses (ooh)
Mistletoe before Christmas
If you ain't got it, don't get it (ooh)
If you got time, it's no limit

[Chorus: Jeremih]
Baby, won't you give me something
That I wanna do?
When I see the sun set
Yeah, I think of you
I think of you
(I think of you, I think of you)
You're all I want too
(I think of you, I think of you)
Left panties by my nightstand
Now I think of you, I think of you

[Verse 2: Chris Brown]
Loving my baby, yeah, you giving me that sweet talk (ooh)
Love's up and down, it's like living on a see-saw
Do me a favor, baby, why you blaming me for? (ooh)
All I wanted was love, baby
Last night we had a real good time, we was naked (ooh)
Bumping and making love
Got me with all these games you're playing (ooh)
It's time for us to grow up
Don't care 'bout winning (yeah, yeah)
Come on, baby, I got the answers (yeah, yeah)
You ain't gotta be a dancer (yeah, yeah)
All I need is your love
Girl, you won't change my mind, haha
And I can see you hesitating
So, baby

[Chorus: Jeremih & Chris Brown]
Baby, won't you give me something, oh yeah, ooh yeah
That I wanna do?
When I see the sun set, yeah, yeah, oh, girl
Yeah, I think of you, baby
I think of you, oh, woah
(I think of you, I think of you)
You're all I want too
(I think of you, I think of you)
Left panties by my nightstand, oh yeah
Now I think of you, I swear I think of you

[Verse 3: Big Sean & Chris Brown]
I wish everyday was your day off
Goin' hard every night like it's the Playoffs (woah) (ooh)
You give me the energy, I like to play off
Tell me is the feelin' mutual or am I way off? (ooh)
Be real, be real, stay real
Pour your heart out, baby, I won't let it spill (ooh)
I know the ones before me probably said they never will
Them broken promises'll break you down
But how you feel is not an illusion
I'm not tryna add to the confusion (ooh)
Break your all access codes and abuse 'em (damn)
You layin' all over me 'cause you understand me
Swear I love you so much, I love your whole family (ooh)
Bedroom dresser, full of your panties (woah)
We make the room feel like summer Miami (damn) (ooh)
No stressin' whenever you leave
'Cause ain't nobody in the world f**k you better than me

[Outro: Jeremih]
I think of you

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