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Why is it hard
To write a new song
Because most of the time
You think you've gone wrong
With the way that it's written
The way things turn out
The fact that your heart has too many words to cry out

You think of perfection
You think it's not grand
To blurt out those words with a feeling of doubt
Cause people won't hear you
They might understand
That the pain that's inside you needs time to come out

The time that I speak of
Is needed throughout
This feeling inside you that just burns you out
You have to know that what you have is gone
And this feeling inside you
Is almost never wrong

You let your emotions
Get ahold of you
You get carried away with breathtaking dreams
But a dream is a dream
And you have to wake
He's not coming back
That's when the going gets tough

So the song that I write
Is to let you know
The pain that you feel
Is not there for fun
It's to let you get over
The hurdles and bumps
And see you finish stronger
Than you thought you'd turn out

A life with all ups and never a down
Makes life too boring, it makes you dry out
You need some excitement and a lot of despair
To make truly great moments
The ones that you will share

Getting through bad times that don't seem to end
Some think I've gone mad, that I've gone round the bend
To think that bad times can also be good
But bad times make good times
Better than they would be
When they're harder to find they're treasured for good
That is a fact
I know it
And you should

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