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Hiding under the bridge, randy mc flare
Clinging to the bricks... Oh what took him there?
We never left him alone, poor randy got scared
To say that we were only kids just wouldn't be fair

And randy's mom knew all the men in town
The drunks and those who ran the game
Randy's dad, well he must have been around
Like all those faces without a name
She made him pay

And every day after school randy ran for his life
That look of fear on his face... We knew just how to find
Oh all our horrible games... Poor randy just cried
And just like snakes in the gras* we were
ready to bite
And randy's mom had the dirtiest bar in town
Where all the scumbags had their way
And randy's dad... Well he must have seen
His son down that dirty little place
She made him pay

Hiding under the sink for a whole cold night
When someone opened the door something came out to fight
A smoking gun in his hand and blood all over his face
With just one shot left to fire he told her to keep the 'change'

And randy's gun was the meanest gun
In town oh it could kill any man
And randy's dad... Well he was never found
For all we know he could be dead
Oh randy mc flare

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