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Armani Needle Exchange by Mall'd To Death

Video Armani Needle Exchange by Mall'd To Death
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After all of these times that you’ve barely survived
With a needle in your arm and a thorn in your side
For someone with nothing at least it’s still something, I guess
A solitary vein in a world that’s full of pain

A reason to wake up or at least to rise
And stumble down the alley looking for another high
As you ask yourself ‘How low can a punk
You’re still streaming through your veins what you never regret

And I don’t know if things can get much better
But I know that things can’t get much worse

Asleep in the city or merely passed out
You wonder what it is everybody else is dreaming about
You waste your days away on a feeling that won’t last
Because the good times are gone and they ain’t never coming back
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