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Blood For Gas Money by Mall'd To Death

Video Blood For Gas Money by Mall'd To Death
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I've got a needle in my vein but not the kind that needs exchanging
Though it's filling me with dread, lying in this plastic bed
And thinking how things weren't so cool to me, I gotta pay for electricity
I got a cell phone bill and a tank to fill, and a trust fund 401 to kill
(Yeah right)
It's not the saline causing pain but all the thoughts
inside my brain
That there's not more to life than this: Lying down and clenching fists
And feeling like the worst is yet to come, I gotta compete with everyone
In this dog-eat-doggone world I'm out of step with the herd
(Oh yeah)
If I focus on tomorrow, I might not make it through today
And if I pull out that needle, there's no chance that I'll get paid
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