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This feeling of ecstacy deforms my soul
Slowly decaying mentally blood flow pain
This crying sleep confides all these images of hate
This feeling of ecstasy, deforms my soul
Flight, deprive, life, reject
Flight, deprive, life, reject
Sorrow consumed soul, lifeless empty form
Azrael bring me, quietus peacefully
Crushing the pride falling, falling, falling to my final
Flight, deprive, life, reject
Flight, deprive, life, reject
As the flowers cry my elan perishes away...away
I pray for no life, my path unwinds
Quickly now tomorrow I no longer live
Memories of cries, memories unwind
Suffer me, why did it have to be
To overcome our being to live life to it's pure
You can, you will, you'll see the wonders
The wonders complete...
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