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Fel Del Av Gården by Movits!

Kommer fran fel del av garden, fran andra sidan sparet
jag vaxte upp med zigenare och romer
som spela handklaver
o ville spa mig
medan min farsa tomde en flaska explorer
larde mig lira gittar och dom ackorden
djangos kvintett spelade ur grammofonen
med secondhandkavajer i garderoben
o brassband live varenda kvall i tradgarden

det borjade bra men sen kom problemen
trampade tidigt i klaveret, och skattesedeln
ja' menar skyldigheter
sannolikheten ar liten, arbetsformedlingen medger
man kanske borde byta namn eller
salja sin husvagn eller
knacka ut sin guldtand
men nan gang maste fordomen hinnas ikapp (Yeh)

Du kan kalla mig utanfor
for att jag inte gjorde som dom andra gjorde nar dom gjorde som man gjorde forr
Ursakta om jag stor.
nej, jag ar inte grannen ovanfor
men tant ringer till polisen varenda gang och sager det ar jag som stor, det ar jag som stor

Kommer fran ratta stadsdelen
det ar det som ar problemet
ja' vaxte upp i de finaste kvarteren
min pappa han ar designer med mera
min andra farsa han ar redan forsenad
sjalv va' ja' ba' barn och adopterad
sa skolgangen blev ytterst svart komplicerad
for klasskamraterna tyckte de verka fel att
och lararinnan skulle snart pensioneras
inte deras fel att
det hela blev som de blitt
enligt rekomendationer fran den heliga skrift

johans pappa "passa er, han e antikrist!"
enligt froken som forsokte forklara det visst
men, man kanske borde skjutit'na
eller atminstonde burit ut'na
nu ar hon dod och ligger i urnan
men pa nagot satt lever ju orden annu,
Nu drar jag!


Husefriden eller dylikt
har knappt nagon tid att lyssna pa din kritik
inte Lykke Li
men ganska sa lyck-lig
sa tant ge mig en chans och lyssna pa min musik
men nej
tar inte seden dit ja' kommer
om skeden ar av silver sa tar ja' den nar ja' kommer
har dom sagt sa manga ganger
sa tack men nej tack, ja' hittar till utgangen


Men allting ar ju bara en drom
ja' ar ju svensk och gar fore i kon
till och med man och har hogre lon
satillvida att jag inte sitter arbetslos

ja' gillar motsatt kon
sa grabben ja' ar knappast den du kallar for bog
men grabben ja kanske ar den du kallar for trog
for jag fattar ju inte vad du sager aven om jag hor


Coming from the wrong part of the yard, from the other side of the track
I grew up with gypsies and romani
playing accordion
wanting to tell my future
while my dad chugged a bottle of explorer [cheap vodka]
taught myself to play guitar and the chords
djangos quintett played from the grammophone
with second hand suits in the closet
and brass bands live every night in the garden

it started out well but then came the problems
stepped in the crap early, and the tax bill,
i mean responsibilities
government agencies
the justice system
the likelihood is small, the unemployment office admits
maybe one should change one's name or
sell the trailer home or
knock out one's gold tooth
but at some point one has to catch up with prejudice

You can call me an outsider
because I didn't do what the others did when they did what people did back in the day
excuse me if I'm disturbing
no, I'm not the neighbor upstairs
but the old lady calls the cops every time and says that I'm disturbing, I'm disturbing.

Come from the right part of town
That's the problem
I grew up in the nicest neighborhoods
My daddy's a designer and more
My other dad is already late
Me, I was just a kid and adopted
So school was very hard, complicated
Because my classmates thought it was wrong that
And the teacher would soon retire
Not their fault that
Things turned out the way they did
according to recommendations from the holy scripture

Johan's dad: "Watch out, he's the anti-christ!"
according to Ms. Teacher who tried to explain it sure
but, one should have maybe shot'er
or at least carried 'er out
now she's dead and in the urn
but in some way the words still live on
Now I'm outta here!


Peace in the home, or something like that
Barely got time to listen to your criticism
not Lykke Li
but pretty happy [Lycklig]
so ma'am please give me a chance and listen to my music
but no
not "when in rome"
If the spoon is silver I'll take it when I arrive
they've said so many times
So thanks but no thanks, I'll find the exit


But everything is just a dream
I'm swedish, so I'm first in line
A man, even, with a higher wage
As long as I'm not unemployed

I like the opposite se*
So kid, I'm hardly what you call a fag
But kid, I might be what you call slow
cause I don't get what you're saying even if I hear you
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