NOËP Lyrics

New Heights by NOËP

It all comes back to me
We are sitting on a bridge like fish at the water
We are dreamin out loud and stayed out way to late
With the heads in the clouds we counted our mistakes, what difference does it make now
It all comes back to me

It all comes back to me
Just the taste of what we could have been
What am i feel like, you know that it felt right

Taking us to new Heights
Falling but we hold tight
Tripping on the Streetlight
I realize, that's something we can rewrite
Make our past and pages white
Our page is white

That's something we can rewrite
It all comes back to me
It's all...

It all comes back to me
Why are we kidding ourselfs that just have made it
It toook a little to long and now it's how it reach
There is a look in your eyes and i don't know what it means, we're just deleted scenes in a life that we now will leave

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