Paper Aeroplanes Lyrics

Lifelight by Paper Aeroplanes

You see the truth is that I am simply useless
At finding the right words to say
And your fingers are frozen to notes you have chosen
Letting the tune slip away

But when you shine so bright
I can feel our eyes collide
Soon you'll realise

Why waste time
Your heartstrings are caught in mine
So pull me onto your side
We will be alright
You might
Be my lifelight
And just hold still
Hang by your window sill
And all of this music will
Still be there
In sight
You might
Be my Lifelight

Covered in caution and waves of distortion
Your movements give you away
And I'll bring the roses write poetry and proses
And prise you apart from your day

Cos when you shine so bright
I can feel
Our eyes collide
Soon you'll realise

Middle 8
Cos I'm caught on this carousel
Too tongue tied to ever tell
Just circling round in the dark

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