Paper Aeroplanes Lyrics

Sleeper Train by Paper Aeroplanes

The cloudy head, my legs are lead, the thinking's overdone
This sleeper train's a day away, from where it once begun
And he is a place called home
He, is the great unknown

And I'm ready, to go

I let you win, translucent skin, you tip-toed in with stealth
I just let go, of rules, I know, the ones I set myself
And he did you hear him go?
Fleeting, as west wales snow

But I'm ready, ready now
I'm ready, to know

When something, in this place
Reveals, a hollow space
And if doubt crosses your face
I'm too far away, to see

The pain is wet, too close you get; the colours only run
And the lines will bleed on empty sheets, when all is said and done

I'm here, as the towns fly past
Here, as the die is cast

I'm ready, ready now
I'm ready, ready now
I'm ready, ready now
I'm ready, at last

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