Paper Aeroplanes Lyrics

We Are Ghosts by Paper Aeroplanes

It’s not like you’re a friend of mine
But I think i know the score
Too much wine and we’re thick as thieves
You steal mine and i steal yours
So let’s take a train to the sea
And drink bottled beer by the beach
Just the seagulls, salt, you and me
Make believe
We are free
It’s not like you could find the time
But i know you’ve found the thoughts
Locked away in that rock pool brain
Where those fishes can’t be caught
So let’s take a train to coast
And write postcards we’ll never post
And catch a breeze till we float
Make believe
We are ghosts
We are ghosts
And see what we could find
And this real life you could leave behind
And just for a day we could run away and hide
It’s not like you’re a friend of mine
All my friends are far too close

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