Room Eleven Lyrics

Come Closer by Room Eleven

You’re moving closer to me
You danced with my eyes
For a moment I was paralysed

As I fantasized
Oh, your fingers nearly touched mine
It was really about time, that you would come to me!

Come closer, come baby
Come closer
There’s really nothing to say
Come closer, come baby
Come closer
There’s really nothing, really nothing to say

The energy surrounds me
Thrills run down my spine
Now your finders are mine

Soon you will follow me
Tomorrow you’ll be drinking tea with me
Let’s write some poetry!

Let our bodies speak beats
Repeat, so I can read your body beat
Just look at me
Use the energy and follow me
Just a little bit closer
We are a synergy
Come closer
Just a little bit
Oh, a little bit more
Come here, come…
Follow me!

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