Soho Rezanejad Lyrics

Greed Wears a Disarming Face by Soho Rezanejad

It is like this
And you can relate
That life can hold a picture up
Wave it right in front of you
And let the handsome ones know
That the big love suits them solely
While someone lives loneliness
Like wearing their bones
It's no surprise, it can't be escaped
Well this life is no dress rehearsal or planned funeral
So grow wisely ma
show love its priority
No wise man said die
And no one lived you better
Once someone fought for your right
Now you pout and disregard it
Oh, go on
Just sit and watch it go, yeah
Like the last one
And another startling day goes on
Stale you walk the same old street
Two bat eyes
Stumbling on landmines
And now you wear the face of greed
and greed wears a disarming face
Throws you blindfolded in third place
So grow wisely man
show love its priority Contributor: OPEN GATE SOUNDS OPENGATESOUNDS

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