Sybyr Lyrics

Lil Bark Big Bark by Sybyr

What, what, what, what, what, what?
(Ming, ming, ming, ming, ming, ming, ming)

Welcome to the what?
Shoot a n***a guts
Son I ain't got the time for questions, leave ya'll n***as in the (leave 'em in the) dust
I'm just trying to get 'em, pick 'em up and get a scrub
Got a lot to clean, why you lookin' with a mug?
Yeah I got a bag only misery enough
Stash in the rag
Way I give it to 'em tucked
b*t*h in the back she don't know you n***as, sh*t
Choppin' me up, why you lookin stupid?
Anti-World don't get it f**ked up
Wolf will eat your as* alive
f**k a tummy tuck
Where'd the ghost go?
Starin' atcha, no?
Yung $hy? Yes sir, how I been moe? Woah
Bully dog big bark with a big jaw
Shawty like 'em tall wearing no drawers, uh
I'ma f**k her face and then get some
Clap it on the waist
Like a strap on

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