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Ex's and Oh's by The New Releases

Video Ex's and Oh's by The New Releases

Got a faded photograph
Burned at one edge
Lit that fire when you thought
Love was dead

Sign it with an autograph
Ex's and oh's
There is no love left
In those sepia tones

Tell me what you want?
Your family and friends think
We can't pretend
We can't be friends
To make amends with the end

White like a wedding gown
Just dye it black
Gifts from the registry
we'll give them back

And I burnt the pictures
Of a then blushing bride
But now there's nothing
But a house to divide

Tell me that you want it?
Just for old times sake
We can't agree
To disagree
Hear my plea and move on

Tell me that you love another?
But you still love me
You can go to hell, it'll suit you well
It'll match your cold black heart
Your cold black heart

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