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Open Up by Vybz Kartel

Yuh pum pum remind me say living life is everything
Me want fi f**k you everyday

Open up your leg, let me in
Me know you need my loving
Make me f**k you like say you pay me
Me baby

You wan f**k, ya pu**y so likkle and me c*cky tall up
See the wall here? Come make me make you crawl up
And when it gone up, ya bawl say you cut
No sir, you should've followed Sheeba and warm up
Me c*m inna ya belly, see sperms a swarm up
Time fi ultrasound, fetus a form up
Me say tomorrow the doctor will call ya
Fi tell you if it's a boy or a girl


Me want you fi face it and brace it
Me know say you love it and no hate it
Feel it inna ya belly gyal and if it sweet you tell me gyal
Heartache and pain ago come with it cause unno you alone want brace it
Feel it inna ya belly gyal and if it sweet you tell me gyal

[Verse 2:]
Me na stop
Me have to do something fi you see say me can't flop
You take it off already so no put it on back
The way how me sure say me have you pon lock
Me ago spend a bag of money, pon the daddy off track
Me know what fi do fi get inna ya soft spot
Like a lizard pon a lemur so the love here can't drop
If me see your missed call, bet you say me call back
Me love you more then anything inna the world

[Chorus + Hook]

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