YNW Melly Lyrics

Melly the Menace by YNW Melly

Melly the menace
I got out my bag and I went and got me
fu**ed up environment
That's what Jgreen said, that's what he said, hey
She swallow that di** like a vitamin
Young nigga world
Melly the menace
fu**ed up environment, hey

bi*** I'm a menace, I shoot on school premises
fu** the environment
bi*** I'm from Gifford, Aka the G
That's a fu**ed up environment
Chain got attached to more, three point fourteen
pu*** boy ain't no pie in me
Chopper diminish your organs
Your penance if you ever lie to me
Just like a jail we gon' sentence him
Capture his soul and replenish him (oh, oh, oh)
Don't give no fu** 'bout a friend, and fu** that lil jit
I ain't kin to him (fu** that ho)
Wrap his up like salami, and chop his ass up
Now we blendin' him
Cook his ass up, we gon' chemist him
Ooh, get at him
Scorpio move with the stick
We gon' catch his ass slippin' and then we gon' finish him
Break his ass down and diminish him
Don't give no fu**s 'bout offendin' him
These hoes are just alike
I swear they got all of these bi***es still synonym
Lil biddy bi*** you an antonym
How in the fu** is you friends with them?
bi*** I'm a thug, not a gentleman
Swallow my di** like some cinnamon
Swallow my di** like some dinner man
fu** Donald Trump and George Zimmerman
fu** Donald Trump and George Zimmerman
Ooh, bi*** ass nigga don't want no problems

bi***, I'm a menace, I shoot on school premises
fu** the environment
Glock on my waist, with your bi*** in my face
I'm like fu** the society
You don't want beef, we pull up with them sticks
And you gotta go fire him (fire that bi***)
I do not care what you talkin' about
All these bi***es desire me
Taraji P. Henson, your bi*** gon' Empire me
She su** on my neck and my di**, she vampire me
I fu** with Jgreen 'cause I know he won't lie to me
I fu** with Sakchaser, I know he gon' ride for me
We hit a lick for ten bands, that sh** like hittin' the lottery
We sendin' shots at your man, we do not send no apologies
I am so high in the sky, think I can study for astrology
bi*** ass nigga do not want no beef
And he know that I'm straight out the pot with it
Oh, oh, straight out the pot with it
Oh, Jay Rich go out with Young Malo, yeah
bi*** I'm straight out the pot with it
Jgreen won't stop, he keep on beatin' the pot
Jgreen won't stop, he keep on beatin' the pot

fu** is that young nigga talkin' 'bout
Know that my Glock will demolish him
Pull up on him and we moppin'
Then wet his ass up then we polish him
Seen his ass all in public, must of thought
That I was gon' say hi to him
I just pulled up, put that fire to him
You ridin' with him then you die with him
fu** what they talkin' 'bout, pull up and air it out
Location turned off, you don't know 'bout our whereabouts
These bi***es opinions somethin' I don't care about
Traphouse, got the baseheads runnin' in and out
I was losing in the race, fu** nigga look who winnin' now
Run up the money, we run up the commas now
Givenchy steppin', Louis Ferragamo now (fu** up a check)
Don't fu** on these bi***es
We fu** on these bi***es' mamas now
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