YXNG K.A Lyrics


[Verse 1]
I ain't got money to smoke, and I can't afford to leave you
f**king broke, selling coke, which is more than legal
I can't cope trying to blend in with the normal people
The one's who normally judge you even before they meet you
Don't mean to tarnish, I'm sorry for being honest look
I got some issues kid I'm something like a comic book
Because even with the fattest verses and the bombest hooks
Life is still a mountain climb and I ain't got no harness hooked
No alternative, I'll school you and keep you educated
I'm so medicated with chronic it's got me vegetated
When me and Mary separated I just escalated
To a higher power now liquor has got me extra faded
And every girl I f**k, I could see me wifing up
But I got trust issues, so it's like tonight's enough
When night's are rough, I like to puff, thinking life is tough
Now that I'm home I'll light a dutch just f**king light it up

Deep inside I feel like the world hates me (tough sh*t man it is what it is)
So if I die then nobody try to save me (tough sh*t man it is what it is)
Wish I was high, I feel like I'm going crazy (tough sh*t man it is what it is)
But all the pain and the fire is what makes me, because life's a b*t*h and it is what it is

[Verse 2]
I ain't got money for rent, so I ain't got a home
My money spent, mom and dad say I'm on my own
Wish I had friends, but even then I still ain't got a phone
Wish I was bent, this sh*t would be easier if I was stoned
I think the devil is tryna show me what my eyes should see
And god's the rivalry so he'll say that he lied to me
But I ain't tryna sit around and see who sides with me
So I'm like f**k them both I'll be who I decide to be
I've grown vocally, lyrically, known locally
But smoke with me and hopefully I can do better socially
Because if you spoke to me sober I think we both would see
I'm kinda shy, so in the sky is where we both should be
I wasn't high and lost my mind, now I'd love to find it
Because truth be told my entire future is undecided
I really wanna be a rapper so I underlined it
But now I wanna be happy so rap is underminded

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